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VHF and UHF Transceivers

Icom IC-F3001 / F4001 Series

Affordable, High Performance Radio That Offers Abundant Features.





Simple operation for instant communication

The IC-F3001 series is so easy to use there's no special training required. The few knobs and buttons are generously sized for easy operation and are designed to provide non-slip, positive action — even while wearing gloves.


Easy to hear in noisy areas

The built-in bridge-tied load (BTL) amplifier offers powerful 800mW* audio output from the large 45mm speaker. The radio delivers loud and intelligible audio even in noisy environments.

Typical with internal speaker


Longer operating time

A new high efficiency FET of the IC-F3001 series reduces consumption current and provides 20 hours* of operating time with the BP-265, 2000mAh battery pack. Even when used with the BP-264, the radio offers 14* hours of operating time.

* Tx:Rx:Standbye=5:5:90. Power save function ON.


Weather resistant, dust protection, military rugged

While the radio is a compact unit with a height of only 111mm (43⁄8 inch), the radio is tested to dust protection and water resistant equivalent to IP54 and 11 categories of MIL-STD-810 environmental test. In short, the IC-F3001 series is built rugged!


Internal VOX capability for hands-free operation

The radio has the internal VOX capability for hands-free operation. Optional compatible headset with plug adapter cable OPC-2004 can be used with the radio. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.


Selective calling, quiet stand-by and more

2-Tone and 5-Tone signalings give you selective calling, quiet stand-by and other convenient functions with programming. The radio "stun" function disables a radio over the air and the "revive" function restores the stunned radio.


Scan features

The priority scan allows you to monitor one or two priority channels while scanning other non-priority channels. The Tx channel and talk back functions allow you to make a quick response while scanning.


Other Features

DTMF autodial

Low battery alert

PC programmable

Talk around function

Enhanced emergency

Surveillance function

CTCSS/DTCS encoder/decoder

MDC PTT ID and emergency

2-step power save

Time out timer

Lone worker function

3-color LED



Frequency coverage

(Rx and Tx)*

IC-F3001  136-174 MHz

IC-F4001   400-470 MHz, 450-512 MHz

Number of channels Total 16
Type of emissions 16K0F3E/11K0F3E
Channel spacing IC-F3001 12.5 kHz/25 kHz, 15/30 kHz
IC-F4001 12.5/25 kHZ
PLL channel step IC-F3001 2.5 kHz, 3.125 kHz (VHF)
IC-F4001 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz (UHF)
Power supply requirement 7.2V DC nominal
Current drain

70 mA (standby)
250 mA (rated audio)  
1.25 A (high)
70mA (standby)
330mA (internal SP)
1.3A (high)
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Operating temperature range -30°C to 60°C; –22°F to +140°F (radio only
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included)
58×111×31.0 mm; 2932 × 438 × 1732 in. (with BP-264)
Weight 330g; 11.6oz (with BP-264) 
270g; 9.5 oz (with BP-265)
Spurious emissions 70dB typ.
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0 kHz/±2.5 kHz (wide/narrow)
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
FM hum and noise 46/40dB typ. (wide/narrow)
Output power 5 W, 2W or 1W Hi, L2, L1)
4 W, 2W or 1W (Hi, L2, L1)
Audio harmonic distortion
(AF 1kHz 40% deviation)
1.0/1.5% typ. (wide/narrow)
Ext. microphone connector 3-conductor 2.5 (d) mm (110")⁄2.2kΩ
Sensitivity 0.25 µV (typ.) at 12 dB SINAD
Adjacent channel selectivity 73/65dB typ. (wide/narrow)
Spurious response rejection 70 dB (typ.)
Intermodulation rejection 74dB typ.
Hum and noise 52/47dB typ. (wide/narrow)
Ext. speaker connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (18")
Audio output power (at 5% distortion)
Internal SP (w/12Ω load)
External SP (w/8Ω load)

800mW typ.
400mW typ.

Measurements made in accordance with EAIA-152-C/204D or TIA-603.

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Icom makes rugged products that meet MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards as follows.

Standard MIL 810 F
Method Proc
Low Pressure 500.4 I, II
High Temp. 501.4 I, II
Low Temp. 502.4-3 I, II
Temp. Shock 503.4 I
Solar Radiation 505.4 I
Rain Blowing/Drip 506.4 I, III
Humidity 507.4
Salt Fog 509.4
Dust Blowing 510.4 I
Vibration 514.5 I
Shock 516.5 I, IV

Also meets equivalent MIL-STD-810-C, -D and -E.


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